Network Management

We will fit in with your requirements from basic installation, to a fully managed site where we take on the role of network administration. If you require, Brunel can remotely manage your network by managing your backups, user accounts, software updates etc.

PC Repairs

We have facilities to perform diagnosis and repair on most makes of servers, PCs and laptops. Diagnosis of problems on PCs can be undertaken in our workshop, by experienced technicians, who have many years of experience in this field.

Data Security

Virus defence has been a major issue for a long time. As the defence programs have got smarter and more efficient. There are now more types of virus, trojan, spyware etc. than ever before. Collectively they are referred to as malware and can cause data loss, network downtime, data compromise and general irritation.

Data Recovery

Basically anywhere you can store data, you can also lose data. We can recover data in MOST situations. The time this takes, cost and quality of recovery will vary from one situation to another. We have had a few occasions when the data cannot be recovered due to physical destruction of the data carrying media. If you create regular backups of your files, then you are less likely to need to go through a data recovery process.

Managed Backups

Managed backup, also known as Remote Backup or Online Backup, is an application that allows you to have your data backup fully automated - No tapes - No CDs - No CD’s - No Removable hard drives. It is managed by Brunel - so you cannot forget to do it! Your data files are backed up to a server housed in a secure data centre in the UK. The application can backup any data that you choose.

Disaster Recovery

From an IT perspective, disaster may arrive in the form of fire, flood, theft, vandalism, computer failure, building collapse etc. Nobody plans to have a disaster, but you can plan to mitigate the effects of a disaster. We look at the whole company IT installation and how the business would be affected if that installation were seriously degraded. One obvious area is the need to carry out reliable data backups, so that data can be restored, after a data loss.